Write-ing: Travel with me!

As a passionate traveller I explored various parts of our beautiful planet in the past 8 years. From the most Southern parts of Argentina, the highest highs of the Himalayas in Nepal and Bhutan, the endless steppes of Kazakhstan, the opium fields in Laos to the barren deserts of Kenya and Djibouti. I met so many beautiful people and interesting cultures, witnessed incredible scenery, spend months in buses, trains, cars, on foot and donkey backs. And all these experiences might get wasted if I wouldn’t share them with you!

Writing my stories in the moment – sitting on a rock in the mountains, in the grass of the steppes or in the sand of the desert – I open the door to less accessible areas. I write with a pinch of humour to entertain you at home. Or for you to live the moment with me. Or to inspire you for your travels.

Travel with me by reading my stories!

Inge Bassant | Write-ing

Inge Bassant | Write-ing


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